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Blossom Pink 10-inch Handcrafted Glass Vase

Blossom Pink 10-inch Handcrafted Glass Vase

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Introducing the Blossom Pink Glass Vase, a stunning expression of craftsmanship and color.

This 10-inch tall glass vase is meticulously handcrafted using pigmented resin in vibrant shades of pink and subtle touches of white.

The fluid art design mimics the delicate flow of flower petals, creating an eye-catching piece that brightens any room.

Perfect for displaying fresh bouquets or as a standalone centerpiece, this vase's glossy finish not only captures the light but also enhances its striking color palette.

Each vase is unique, making it a special addition to your home decor or a thoughtful gift for someone special.

Embrace a piece of functional art with our Blossom Pink Vase and add a splash of color to your living space or office.

Unique pouring paint design with marine-inspired colors.
Durable resin coating for a glossy, protective finish.
Handcrafted, ensuring your piece is like no otherIdeal for home decor, centerpieces, or as a thoughtful gift

Measurements: 10” Tall and 5” Diameter

Note: As each vase is hand-painted, the patterns and colors may vary slightly from the images shown.

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